Why Choose our Brantford Pediatric DentisT?

When deciding to choose between our Brantford Pediatric Dentist and a general family dentist, what you should consider is the following:

Specific Training

Our Brantford Pediatric Dentist professionals have specific training in caring for kids teeth, which is learned in two years residency specific training for infants, children that have special needs, preteens and teens. This specific training allows the target treatment to be well administered taking into account the particularities of each age group.

They're Familiar With Kids

At Peachtree Kids Dental our professionals are very familiar with kids as they spend a lot of time with them. So they know how they behave and think and react to various treatments. This is a very specific advantage which allows them to treat kids without scaring them or intimidating them in any way.

The Office Surroundings

While in our Brantford Pediatric Dentist office kids can enjoy a comfortable space that's tailored for them. They will see other kids around them which helps alleviate tensions and the anxiety of entering the dentist's office. Plus we have toys, movies and video games to keep them entertained.  

The Resourcefulness

At Peachtree Kids Dental all of our dentists help parents know all they need about their child's oral health. They answer any questions parents may have and instruct them into what they should do in case anything happens in the future. The staff that works in the premises is also very well knowledgeable and careful to give parents sound tips to maintain their kid's oral health. They also let them know what to do in case they see certain situations happening with their kid's teeth.

Start taking care of your child's mouth today

You can bring them in from their very first tooth or as young as 1 year old to start checking their oral hygiene. This helps prevent any problems and enable your kids to have beautiful teeth throughout their whole early age. Get in touch with us today to prepare your child’s first visit to our Brantford Pediatric Dentist office.