YOUR BRANTFORD PEDIATRIC DENTIST BLOG: 4 Quick Tips to Avoid the Flu While Brushing

Here at your newest Brantford Pediatric Dentist Peachtree Kids Dental we have gathered a few pointers to help your kids to stay away from the flu this winter. Check them out!

  1. First. Always have your kids wash their hands before and after they are going to brush their teeth.

  2. Show them how to store toothbrushes upright in a bathroom’s cabinet to keep them clear of flu bacteria and general germs.

  3. Feel free to share floss, toothpaste, etc.. but not toothbrushes!

  4. If your childs toothbrush has torn and old bristles, get rid of them. These old ones are ineffective in toothbrushing and gather a lot of bacteria and germs.

Don’t forget to share these tips from your Brantford Pediatric Dentist Peachtree Kids Dental and stay healthy this flu season!