YOUR BRANTFORD PEDIATRIC DENTIST BLOG: New Study Finds Saliva Can Prevent Cavities

According to a study found by our Brantford Pediatric Dentist written by Harvard professor Erica Shapiro Frenkel it is stated that saliva’s composition of 0.5% mucus has salivary mucins which are microbiome agents active in providing a safe environment for oral hygiene.

Your Brantford Pediatric Dentist states that it found that the salivary mucous is not only a general participant in the mouth’s microbiome composition. According to Prof. Ritbeck this shift in researchers view was achieved from a prior research that was conducted on pig’s salivary mucins interaction with lung pathogens. It was in this study that they observed how mucins were active in protecting the teeth formation.

Frenkel also found that the whole immune system composition present in the mouth is enhanced by the mucins presence as active agents. It fights the action of pathogens and germs in the mouth as they enter the microbiome present.

Brantford Pediatric Dentist found that the whole microbiome is preserved and maintained and that salivary mucins don’t kill invading agents. Rather it permits their presence within a stagnant formation. Within this formation germs and pathogens are not capable to do any harm.

It also stops the attachment of pathogens to the teeth which is necessary to form the biofilm which causes the formation of cavities. This biofilm is a microorganism composition in which cells stuck to one another, and in this case, the pathogens are stuck together to the teeth and start to decay its health causing the appearance of nasty cavities.

Our office at Brantford Pediatric Dentist saw that the current study was conducted by focusing on the MUC5B salivary agent and its action against streptococcus mutans. These streptococcus mutans are specific pathogens that act on human’s teeth and if allowed cause a bad health and the surge of cavities.

Of course the salivary mucus which is composed of the MUC5B agent but its action in helping the mouth’s microbiome be healthier is boosted by clean teeth. So in this case it’s not just because they are present and active in the mouth, if people don’t care of their mouth’s hygiene the oral hygiene may be degraded little by little to a state under which irreversible mouth scenarios may happen.

That is when the services of our Brantford Pediatric Dentist becomes mandatory since we will be able to help a patient get rid of cavities that appear in the patient’s teeth as they arise. We increase teeth hygiene, clean teeth and remove any cavities present.

Other diseases such as asthma, ulcerative colities and cystic fibrosis. Also by having a dentist help such patients may be able to identify that the root of their conditions is in the lack of mucus production in their teeth.

If you suffer from cavities you must get in touch with Brantford Pediatric Dentist in order to treat the circumstances your teeth are facing. You maybe able to prevent the whole spread of the pathogens that cause the cavities, as well as boost your mouth’s immune system.